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Welcome to the Charette Group

Our research interests lie primarily in the area of synthetic organic chemistry.
Feel free to browse through our web site to answer all your chemical needs.

Prolific Research Program

Canada Research Chair in Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive molecules
Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Training Program in Continuous Flow Science

The Charette Group

Université de Montréal offers superior academic training in all fields of advanced research.
The organic division is one of the largest and strongest in Canada.

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Latest Charette News

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    Congratulations to Rose and Yann for their scholarships

    Rose Boivin, a master’s student in our group, recently received the discovery grant from ESP. Similarly, Yann Pauvert, doctoral student, received the Denis Gravel scholarship. Congratulations to Rose and Yann!

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    Saher Siddiqui is a Doctor

    Recently Saher Siddiqui defended her thesis entitled ‘Cyclopropanes to Spirocycles: A Study of Versatile B-N Motifs’: Congratulations to Saher on her successful thesis defense. Thank you to jury members André B. Charette, James D. Wuest, Shawn Collins, and external examiner Dennis G. Hall.

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    Welcome to the new members of the Charette group: Pauline Loupias a postdoctoral fellow, Josiane Perreault-Dufour a master’s student and William Bouthillier an intern

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    Collaboration between UdeM and BIOVECTRA

    Recently, Jean-François Vincent-Rocan and Scott Doncaster from BIOVECTRA visited the Université de Montréal’s Flow Chemistry Center as part of the joint development of a flow chemistry platform. The collaboration between BIOVECTRA and UdeM aims to support the development of the next generation of life sciences talent and API manufacturing that our group is working on.

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