Photo Album

Even though we are constantly thinking about chemistry, our group often plans a few social activities that strenghten our sense of belonging and momentarily let off some steam. Traditionally, it is a habit to go the the McCarold’s pub to celebrate a successful student seminar or a member’s departure; we regularly organize some 5@7 events to mark a joyous occasion (birthday, publication, awards/scholarship, etc.); we drink to a thesis defense with a vin d’honneur or dinner reception at the end of the evening; we have our own Chrismas party to celebrate the year’s end; and, during the summer, (on a student’s initiative), we take a day off to do a group outing (hiking, karting, rafting, golf, etc.).

Here are pictures that were taken on the spot out of some of our social activities throughout the years… It may be incredible to believe it, but, yes, we can have fun with some things other than chemistry! Simply click on the picture of your choice to discover on a separate page the full content of a photo album.