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Recently Saher Siddiqui defended her thesis entitled ‘Cyclopropanes to Spirocycles: A Study of Versatile B-N Motifs’:Boron has been used extensively in organic synthesis and its impact can be gauged by it being at the heart of at least three Nobel prizes. The ring-opening potential of the cyclopropane ring makes it a facile target for C‒C bond activation. Investigation of boron tethered cyclopropanes led to the discovery of the unique transformation of cyclopropane amine-boranes (CABs) to spirocyclic amine-boranes (SCABs) using a catalytic amount of Tf2NH. Furthermore, the reaction of SCAB with Tf2NH resulted in a SCAB•NTf2 complex capable of activating C-F bonds, and demethylating aryl methyl ethers. It was also capable of reducing ketone, aldehyde, imine, nitrobenzene, nitrosobenzene, anthracene, and indole functionalities. Thank you to jury members André B. Charette, James D. Wuest, Shawn Collins, and external examiner Dennis G. Hall.

  • November 21, 2022

Welcome to the new members of the Charette group: Pauline Loupias a postdoctoral fellow, Josiane Perreault-Dufour a master’s student and William Bouthillier an intern


Recently, Jean-François Vincent-Rocan and Scott Doncaster from BIOVECTRA visited the Université de Montréal’s Flow Chemistry Center as part of the joint development of a flow chemistry platform. The collaboration between BIOVECTRA and UdeM aims to support the development of the next generation of life sciences talent and API manufacturing that our group is working on.


Lauriane Peyrical a Ph.D student in our group has recently received the Denis Gravel Scholarship. Ms Peyrical works on stereoselective synthesis of cyclopropane derivatives containing the pentafluorosulfanyl group (-SF5). Congratulations Lauriane!

  • Apr. 25, 2022

A former group member, Carolyn Ladd are interviewed by C&Eng news.


Our research group at the department of chemistry of the Université de Montréal is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Active Pharmaceu:cal Ingredients (API) synthesis team as scientists specialized in route scouting and development using continuous flow synthesis. We are looking for highly motivated individuals specialized in organic synthesis. Although, prior experience in continuous flow synthesis isn’t mandatory, it is highly regarded.


Professor Charette is back into full time research since June 2021

Professor Charette is back into full time research since June 2021. He completed two terms as Head of the Department that included the move of the department into the brand new Science Building, Campus MIL.

    • Feb. 3, 2022